Draft Beers


Budweiser Bud Light Michelob Ultra Rolling Rock PBR
Coors Original Coors Light Miller High Life Miller Lite Hamm's


San Tan Mr. Pineapple* 4 Peaks Kiltlifter* 4 Peaks Peach* 4 Peaks Pitchfork* Blue Moon
Shock Top Alaskan Amber Uncle Bears PB Stout* Uncle Bears Mandarin Wheat* Lienekugal's Seasonal Shandy
Alaskan Winter Kona Big Wave Odell's Isolation Ale

* Denotes Local AZ Beers


Founders All Day Session Dechuettes Fresh Squeezed Ska Modus Hoparondi New Belgium Ranger Laganitas IPA
4 Peaks Hop Knot

* Denotes Local AZ Beers


Dos Equis Lager Dos Equis Ambar Heiniken Strongbow Cider Newcastle Brown Ale
Guinness Stout Guinness Blonde Smithwicks Stella Artois

24 oz Cans and Bottles

* Only Available in 12 oz Bottle

Budweiser Bud Light Michelob Ultra Coors Light PBR
Rolling Rock Miller High Life Session Black Lager* Session Cerveza* Session IPA*
Corona Corona Light* Dos XX Lager Pacifico Modelo Especial
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Kiltlifter Session Wheat* Fat Tire* St. Pauli N/A*
Red Stripe Coors Original Miller High Life Ace Pear Ace Pineapple
New Castle Estrella Jalisco Session Watermelon* Hard Orange* Hard Ginger*
Amstel Xlight

*Beers are subject to change without notice*

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