rent our vip room

Our Vip room is a great place to have a comfortable seat, two large TV's to watch what your Favorite team or have a draft party!
Plus we can rent the room as pay* as you go or a customized package that includes bottle service

Please Fill out the form lto Rent our VIP Room, A member of our management Team will contact you!

Contact Us:

4251 N Winfield Scott Plaza,
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: 480.874.2264


Food Menu

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Sunday: 12pm-2am
(Football Season we will open 30 mins prior to early game kickoff)
Monday: 1pm-1am
Tuesday: 1pm-1am
Wednesday: 1pm-1am
Thursday: 1pm-2am
Friday: 1pm-2am
Saturday: 12pm-2am
Happy Hour:
M-F 4pm-7pm
Sat. & Sun 3pm-6pm